Awesome Game Features

Here are displayed some of our games awesome features

  • Google play

    Unlock achievements and view leaderboards.

  • All the way up

    Press and hold your phone screen to go up.

  • Down we go

    Release your screen to go down.

  • Choose your hero

    There are multiple hero animals to choose from.

iPhone mockup
  • Eat fruits

    Collecting and eating fruits will give you points.

  • Avoid fast-food

    Collecting and eating fast-food will reduce you points.

  • Don't hit this

    Game over if you hit this object called THE BOMB.

  • Game is user-friendly

    Anyone who wishes can play this game, and it is free.

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In this game animals like fruits (fruits gives you points) and they especially like cheese (cheese gives you extra health), also animals are not so fond of commonly served fast food items (fast food reduces points). While fast food items only reduce points burger and fries meals reduce your health which is much harder to recover from, simply because cheese is so rare :D. Unfortunately as in many games, our game also includes bombs so please try to avoid them because if you hit them it is game over...